bitmovin GmbH is providing industry leading over the top streaming solutions and server encoding systems, enabling best-quality media experience for the user. Our main expertise is technology related to cutting-edge standards and multimedia technologies, which is the basis for our cloud-based transcoding and streaming product and our high-quality streaming libraries libdash and bitdash. Moreover we also develop complex multimedia applications according to recent standards and technologies and participate in various standardization bodies, such as ISO/IEC MPEG and IETF.

More and more multimedia applications rise in today’s web landscape. This trend is not stoppable and covers evermore aspects of our daily life. Together with the current smartphone boom multimedia data becomes omnipresent. We provide expertise on new technologies and prepare your company, to get the most value out of this trend for your success! With our industry leading products and customer-specific consulting services our clients can be first to market and protect market shares in early technology evolution phases.

bitmoving GmbH is a privately owned technology leader led by industry experts. Further information about bitmovin can be found at

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Board of Founders

Mag. DI Stefan Lederer - CEO, Head of Business
DI Christopher Müller - CTO, Head of Technology
DI Dr. Christian Timmerer - CIO, Head of Research and Standardization

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